As easy as it is for your hard drive's space to become cluttered - especially when you download a load of data from the Web - finding a useful application for decluttering it proves much more difficult. Fortunately there is a bunch of good programs that do it for you, and DropIt is one of them. Why is it superior to the other applications of this kind?

DropIt umożliwia sortowanie plików na dysku.

Of course, it is possible to move files by drag-and-drop method. However, this way proves quite time-consuming in a long run. With DropIt, a lightweight and user-friendly application organizing our disc space turns out to be much easier. The purpose of this program is to put our data in order on a daily basis, all according to the rules we create on our own.

Since DropIt is very intuitive and, having set up certain associations, all we have to do is to click the program's icon. Afterwards it will automatically create archives, copy important documents, make shortcuts and delete files that meet certain requirements.

To help you enrich your user's experience we prepared a short how-to: how can you make the program move the pictures you download from the Web to your chosen folder with images.

After you have installed DropIt, its icon should appear on the screen. The first thing you should do is setting up an association that would make the program scan and move graphic files from Downloads to Pictures. First of all, right-click on DropIt's icon and choose "Associations". By clicking New you can set up a filter.

DropIt - konfiguracja filtrów.

You define

  • a name for the filter (how it will be displayed on the list),
  • rules (files of which formats are to be moved, in this case JPG, GIF and PNG),
  • actions - what should be done with the chosen files - in this case it's "Move"
  • the destination folder - where should they be moved.

By swipping the cursor over the "i" icon it is possible to see all the possible rules. After saving this association, you create another, stating that those files which have no rules attached will remain intact. To accomplish it, you write "#" as a rule and choose "Ignore" as an action. Afterwards, your list of associations should comprise two filters.

Voila! Now you can run the program and see the results for yourself.

Have you used DropIt? Did you like it? Share your opinion in the comments below!