Google Chromes running T-Rex dino game is an addictive way to pass the time while you wait for your Internet connection to be restored. Unfortunately, as soon as your connection is back up and running, Mr. T-Rex has to go back into storage. However! If you’re not ready to give up the dinosaur just yet, there are quite a few different ways to play the game whenever you like, even while offline.


  1. Learn how to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur game anytime from any browser.
  2. Playing the Chrome Dino game on any Internet browser.

The running T-Rex game that becomes available on Google Chrome after a variety of different errors, most commonly Internet connection loss, is one of the most interesting developments in the browser's long history. It’s completely random, fun and can be quite addictive, especially if the Internet in your office goes down and everyone is vying to be the new record holder.

Because Chrome is quite a stable browser, you may not be getting as much T-Rex play time as you’d like, so we’ve put together this article showing you a variety of different ways you can play the Chrome dinosaur game whenever you like.

How to Play the Chrome T-Rex Game Anytime From Any Browser.

As there are now already hundreds of different versions of the T-Rex running game available online, we’ve listed a few of the best options. Most of which are pure rips of the original for those of you who like purity. So starting from the most authentic to the least authentic, let’s get started.

Running T-Rex:

For the diehards out there this is a complete rip of the original game and can be played for free on any browser of your choosing. Simply open the link in a browser and start playing. You’ll be happy to know that even the sounds have been preserved and you won’t even need to learn any new controls as the control layout hasn’t changed either. Not that there are many controls that need changing or improving.

how do you play the chrome tyranosaurus game anytime

T-Rex game:

Another interesting version of the Chrome T-Rex game which runs almost the same as the original on any browser you open it on. This version also has an Android app for the really dedicated T-Rexers out there, although the Android version doesn’t have many downloads, it’s holding a solid 4 out of 5-star rating on the Play Store. (at the time of writing)

Download Trex Runner Robo From Google Play.

can you download the chrome dinosaur game


The third and final option on the list is also a pretty good rip of the Chrome T-Rex game and includes night mode for anyone who's up late getting their fix. Chromedino also features an alternate Mario Bros themed version of the game, including graphics and sound effects. To access the Mario version, simply click the Mario icon at the bottom of the page and it will change.

chrome trex game on android

The thing that makes this version of the Chrome T-Rex game the most addictive is the score chart at the bottom of the page, showing a list of high scores from random players. The current all-time high score is 19522, which would have taken a long time to acquire. As always, if you have any other cool, fun or interesting suggestions don’t forget to drop them in the comments sections for us to try. We’re always interested in trying out new things.