Rooting - that is, giving a phone user administrative rights - provides users with more room for modifying the system and installing more applications. This guide shows you how to root a Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S3

Since Samsung Galaxy S3 is a very popular model (just like the all of Galaxy S series), it is not that difficult to perform a root using dedicated tools. However, even though it is not difficult, we highly recommend creating a safety copy of your data. Extra precaution measures will not hurt you and you will be sure that even if something goes awry, your data will remain safe and sound.

Keep in mind that the instructions below and the files attached can be used to root ONLY Samsung Galaxy S3, that is, the GT-I9300 model running original (stock) Android. You should not use them to root any other smartphone models. We take no responsibility for any potential damages, you perform the root at your own risk.

Step 1: ADB drivers for Samsung

Your computer needs the drivers which will help it recognise Galaxy S3; therefore, you have to download and install them.

Download Samsung USB Drivers

The installation process is fairly easy - you double click the EXE file and wait for the installer to appear. Act according to the instructions (usually it involves just clicking "Next" a few times) and install the drivers. Once you have installed the drivers, you need to plug in your smartphone via USB cable and check if it displays in the window "My Computer".

Step 2: Rooting Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

When you have installed the drivers and everything is up and running, then you have to move on to the real part of this guide. Download the rooting package CF Auto Root for GT-I9300 as well as the program Odin version 3.07 which will allow you to install the package. After downloading, unpack the archive with the root and Odin to any chosen folder.

In the archive with the root you will find a bunch of files, but the most important of them - the one that interests us - is CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gti9300.tar.md5. That is your rooting package which you will install using Odin.

1. Turn off your Galaxy S3 completely.

2. Launch Odin using the file Odin3-v3.07.exe

3. Turn on the phone in the Download mode.

To do it, you need to wait 6-7 seconds after turning the phone off. Then, turn on the phone using three buttons simultaneously: [Volume Down button] + [Power button] + [Home button].

A message warning you about entering the download mode will be displayed on your smartphone's screen. Confirm your decision by pressing [Volume Down button].


4. Plug in the phone via USB to the computer. In Odin, on the Message section (bottom left corner) there should be a message "Added!". It is very important that the message displays since it informs the user that the phone has been connected via USB correctly.

5. On the right side of Odin you will find a "Files [Download] section. Check in "PDA" and then click the PDA button and choose the file called CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gti9300.tar.md5.

Odin - choosing the CF Auto Root file

6. Click the Start button to begin installing the root. After a while, in the upper left corner of the app there should appear a "PASS!" message, signalising that the root has been performed correctly. On the application list, there should be an app called SuperSU which is responsible for the root.