Launchpad is intuitive and offers an easy way to launch apps in Apple’s OS X. Thanks to WinLaunch, you can use this solution on your Windows.

Launchpad is nothing but a set of shortcuts to your favorite programs, which can be triggered off with the use of a combination of keys or mouse gesture. Once you launch it, the desktop fades away and in the foreground you can see shortcuts to specific applications. They are arranged in columns and rows.

To start using Launchpad on Windows, we need to install WinLaunch. The setting up process takes only a few minutes. You can decide whether the panel will be run using the Shift + Tab shortcut, the middle mouse button, or simply assign it to a hot corner.


WinLaunch lets you set up your icons onto different pages, and drop them on top of each other to create folders (the same works on Android). However, it takes a lot of time to add all shortcuts for apps, it doesn’t do it automatically.
This solution offers a nice and also a convenient way to run applications. The only downside is the need to use both the mouse and keyboard. Fans of the latter can use Launchy. It allows users to open programs with just a few letters of the name.