If you aren't interested in getting AI generated answers when you're using Microsoft Bing Search, we'll show you how to quickly and easily disable it on the web version and the mobile version. AI search is pretty useless anyway so you're better off getting accurate traditional style search results.


  1. Stop Bing showing answers from the AI assistant Copilot on the results page for some searches.
  2. How to completely remove AI results from Copilot in Bing Search.

How to Disable Copilot Answers in Bing Search Engine from Any Browser.

While Microsoft has made an effort to promote the use of Copilot in its products, including it natively in the latest versions of Windows 11 and in the toolbar of the Edge browser, in the case of the Bing search engine, it has left the possibility of disabling it. Google is also working on a similar feature so keep an eye out for our article about that as well.

If you don't want AI responses from Copilot when using Bing here are the steps to follow.

  • Open Bing in your web browser and do a search.

  • Click the button with the three horizontal stripes in the top right corner.

  • In this menu, drop down the Copilot options by clicking on "Copilot Settings."

  • Uncheck both options by clicking to deactivate them: "Copilot response on result page" and "Scroll to open Copilot."

How to Turn Off AI Copilot Responses in Bing Search.

Disabling Copilot's features will stop AI responses from appearing in search results, and it won't automatically open your Copilot chat when you swipe up on the results page. If you want Bing to remember your settings, sign in with your Microsoft account before turning off Copilot. If you aren't signed into your account you will need to do this every time you go to Bing.

How to Turn Off AI Responses When Searching Bing on Mobile.

Just like in any PC web browser, you can also turn off Copilot's responses from your Android or iOS phone. Here are the steps:

  • First, go to the Bing website from any mobile web browser app.

  • Next, tap the three horizontal stripes in the top right corner.

  • Finally, tap "Labs" and then select "Off."

How to Turn Off AI Copilot Responses in Bing Search

As with the web version you will need to be signed into a Microsoft Account if you want your browser to remember this setting.

Search Engines All Starting to Use AI.

Sadly we have reached the point where companies are trying to jam AI into everything and while it might seem like a great idea for "convenience" it's not really going to be beneficial for the average, everyday user. Every time AI is added to something a real person feels the consequences. So think twice before you start using and incorporating AI into your daily life. While it might be tempting to speed things up or get an edge there's a dark side to it. That said, at this point in time Ai search in Bing is useless anyway! Stick with traditional methods that still work well!