If you own a mobile phone you have at some stage received a call or missed a call from an unknown number, if you haven’t, you’re either lying or don’t own a phone. The good news is there is a way to figure out who these sneaky devils are that lurk in the anonymity of the unknown call.


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There is now a way to detect a large portion of calls and texts coming from unknown numbers, using an app downloadable from the Google Play Store. It goes by the Name: DU Caller: Caller ID and Recorder which is a bit of a long name, but I guess they wanted to get the purpose of their app out there.

If you're wondering how this all works, it’s quite simple and clever, uses a completely different system to other Apps that claim to identify unknown callers. Du caller is backed by a huge international number database which makes identifying the name or organization of the calls easy. With the basics of DC caller out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the features and how to actually use them.


How to Use the Features of DU Caller: Caller ID & Recorder.

The first feature and the most important one is the Caller ID, this does exactly what the names states, it identifies the caller and shows you the name and address associated with the caller. It also takes this one step further by automatically notifying you if the caller is a known spam caller. For example, telemarketing companies, banks, and insurance providers. It does this by highlighting the name and number in red, however, you will still have the option to answer if you choose.

Apart from identifying callers, DU Caller also allows you to block callers, sounds great, doesn’t it. You can also add custom numbers to the blocking list as you please, simply flick over to the BLOCK tab on the far right of the main screen, tap Blocklist Management, then add a new number. If you ever wish to remove the number from the blocked list, visit the same screen and remove it.

As well as a custom blocking option, Du caller also has a preset list that blocks a range of other numbers. This can be can be accessed from the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner, then selecting Settings. (It's the first item on the menu) Inside the settings, tab you will see the following options.

Common Spammer: Turning this on blocks telemarketers and nuisance callers reported as spam by others. (they recommend using this)

International Numbers: Turning this on does exactly what it says, it blocks incoming calls from international numbers.

Numbers Not In Contacts: Enabling this will block any number that you do not have saved in your phone's contact list.

Hide Numbers: This will block numbers hidden by the telecom service. (not sure exactly what this one does or means)


Du Caller also has an option to replace your phone's stock dialer and the contacts app if you decide to do so. Once done it will make all of the above services much more efficient, however, isn't compulsory. This process isn’t done automatically when you download the app, so if you wish to keep your default dialer, you can do so without any problems.

Something else really cool and maybe creepy depending on your outlook is the option to enable the call recorder, which will allow you to record every single incoming and outgoing call you make from your phone. (This option is available when receiving a call or making one) If you think this all sounds too complicated, the app only has three screens and a simple settings interface. Blocking spam callers and recording conversations has never been this easy.