HP, being the world's greatest supplier of personal computers, makes it a point to cover the entirety of this consumer market, so it is no surprise to learn that its newest product refresh includes more than one type of system. HP's Pavilion series of computers is definitely not a new one, but it does have the habit of getting new members, or improvements to existing ones, quite regularly. This makes sense, considering that the brand often has much weight when one is trying to decide on a purchase. The newest product from HP are desktops called Pavilion p7 series, Pavilion Slimline s5 and Pavilion HPE h8. In that order, they focus on multimedia, compactness and performance, respectively, and will start selling either on May 18 or June 15. Being the strongest of the lot, the HPE h8 use AMD Phenom or Intel Core i7 central processing units, along with large RAM capacities and an AMD or NVIDIA graphics adapter. Additionally, the desktops feature one, two or three hard disk drives, plus support for up to three displays, for extra productivity and/or entertainment. Meanwhile, the Pavilion Slimline s5 are built compact, and while there is not much info on the hardware, they have “a versatile range of performance features, from storage to processors.” Thirdly, the p7 make do without add-in graphics cards, since multimedia is what they are really made for, like photos, music and videos. The report makes a point of mentioning that multichannel audio support exists. Select models of the above have Beats Audio and, for those that like to control their desktop from a notebook, the HP LinkUp software, which grants wireless control. Of the three series above, only two will become available for order on May 18, those being the Pavilion p7 (starting price of US$299.99) and Pavilion HPE h8 (US$599.99). As for the Slimline s5, it will have a starting tag of US$329.99 when it begins shipping on June 15.