Already spotted in some of the netbooks currently on display at CeBIT 2011, Intel's new N570 dual-core Atom CPU has also made its somewhat official debut, getting a dedicated page on the company's site as well as an entry on the company's official blog. Without a doubt, Intel's Atom line of processors has been quite a serious money maker for the chip manufacturer up until now, but their supremacy on the portable computing systems' market will certainly be challenged in the future, as tablets slowly, but surely, eat away at the netbooks' market share. However, it's quite likely that these low-power mini-notebooks will still be around for a couple more years, this being the reason why Intel's worked quite hard on releasing yet another processor for this specific category. As the company reveals, the N570 is clocked at 1.66 Mhz and packs two cores and 2 threads, while also being accompanied by 1MB of cache memory and sporting Intel's Turbo Boost tech. The CPU is built using a 45 nanometer process for the 87 mm2 die, and will require quite a small amount of power during normal operation, the maximum TDP being set at 8.5W. This configuration makes it very suitable for all the small-size netbook “companions” out there, and it remains yet to be seen just how the new CPU will affect overall performance and battery life. Naturally, we're also expecting the N570 to be used together with NVIDIA's ION 2 graphics solution by many netbook manufacturers, a combo that's sure to provide quite an impressive level of portable computing power. As mentioned right from the start, the new chip will make its way into a variety of portable computing systems coming from the likes of ASUS, Lenovo and Samsung, who'll start shipping their products built around the N570 over the course of March 2011.