Since its debut only a few days ago, Internet Explorer 9 RC has surpassed the two million download milestone. The Windows Team Blog announced today, with excitement, on the success of their HTML5-compliant browser. The downloads only accounted for user-initiated downloads, and not those through Windows Update. Internet Explorer 9 release candidate comes with a number of improvements, including a new tab management and UI. Now users can close tabs without actually having the tab active. Tabs can also be pinned under the address bar for users who browse with multiple tabs open. For added security, IE9 RC comes with tracking protection to prevent websites from finding your location. Internet Explorer 9 RC downloads are right on par with the beta, which managed to achieve over 2 million downloads in just five days. The browser still has a long way to go to match the 23 million beta downloads, which was announced earlier this month. Who knows, perhaps Microsoft might go for the most downloads in a 24-hour period to beat the current world record holder, Firefox, with 8 million downloads.