At yesterday's investors call, Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of all games from Rockstar, has confirmed that two of its older projects, Max Payne 3 and Agent, are still in development. Rockstar makes a habit of announcing games way before their intended release and, given the company's quest for perfection, it usually means that they end up missing their launch schedules or being completely reworked in order to provide a better experience. Max Payne 3 and Agent are two great examples, as the games were confirmed back in 2009, and were planned for a release last year. That hasn't happened, and fans of the developer started wondering if they'll ever see these titles. Take-Two Interactive, which is Rockstar's publishing partner, has now confirmed that both games are still in development and that we will find out more about them soon. Max Payne recently received some concrete details and screenshots, so the game, currently being handled by Rockstar's Vancouver studio, wasn't in any real danger. Agent, however, didn't receive any other detail since its official reveal at Sony's E3 press conference back in 2009, where Rockstar confirmed that the new project was going to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 console. The game only got a handful of details, with Rockstar North, its developer, saying that the title's action was set during the Cold War and sees players take on the role of a spy that needs to delve into a world of "counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations." Since then, the title hasn't seen the light of day, as Rockstar is notoriously secretive about its ongoing projects until they are near completion. While it's nice to hear that the games are still being worked on, perhaps Rockstar or Take-Two will share some more details at next month's E3 conference, which takes place in Los Angeles.