There was no way Micro-Star International would somehow fail to launch its own version of a new NVIDIA graphics card, especially when said graphics card is the best there is. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 dual-GPU graphics adapter was formally introduced a few days ago, with all the expected pomp. Since then, it has been adopted by various PC makers and also launched under different brands, like ASUS. Micro-Star International is now taking its turn, and there isn't really much we can do except repeat what we've written on previous occasions. The card is, after all, just NVIDIA's original in a different box. The two graphics processing units are GK104 and, together, have 3,072 CUDA cores (2 x 1536 units). 4 GB of GDDR5 VRAM, clocked at 6,008 MHz, back them (2 GB for each GPU). The full name of MSI's product is MSI N690GTX and the base frequency of the GPUs is 915 MHz, although the GPU Boost technology can push them to 1,019 MHz. We have a feeling GPU Boost will never come into play. The board is already so incredibly overpowered that there aren't games that could possibly demand enough for the board to go all out, even in multi-display configurations. Moving on, the memory interface is of 512 bits (2 x 256) and the cooler is that same, good-looking, silver-colored contraption with GPU temperature-controlled fan. Finally, three dual-link DVI ports exist, along with a DisplayPort connector and a DVI to HDMI adapter. MSI's Afterburner overclocking utility is really the only personal touch that the company left on the product bundle. With it, buyers will be able to control the power limit (TDP is 300W) and clock offset, for easy overclocking. Be sure to have $1,000 / 750-1,000 Euro to spare if you're planning to buy this monster from anywhere.