Apparently, world-class maker of graphics products NVIDIA decided this was an opportune time for the official unveiling of its newest and fastest mobile graphics processing unit, the latest addition to the GeForce series. Some end-users may have caught on to the video demo that showed an SLI NVIDIA GPU configuration running Crysis 2 on a laptop at ultra graphics settings. Turns out that, as some had guessed, it was the GeForce GTX 580M mobile graphics processing unit that the Santa Clara, California-based company had completed. Described as the fastest DirectX 11 notebook GPU on the market, it supposedly performs up to six times better in tessellation than any before it. To illustrate this, the outfit had the GPU placed inside the Alienware M18x gaming notebook, which is probably the same machine in the aforementioned video. "Gamers aspire to experience games at their highest settings," says Eddy Goyanes, product marketing manager for Alienware. "Alienware activates the technology designed to enable those aspirations. With the launch of the GeForce GTX 580M on the Alienware M17x, and a dual card option on the M18x, that synergy continues - Alienware delivers the ultimate gaming experience." The Alienware M17x will also, soon, have the newcomer as an option, and will be able to last for up to 5 hours, thanks to the Optimus technology. The company also completed the GeForce GTX 570M, which is about 20% more powerful than its predecessor. "The best game support. The best gaming features. The best gaming performance available anywhere. That's the essence of the GeForce GTX 580M," said Rene Haas, general manager of notebook products at NVIDIA. "With power like this, you can turn all the knobs to 11." As is common for NVIDIA products, the PhysX and CUDA technologies are fully supported by both new notebook solutions.