NVIDIA may not have made much of an impression with the dual-GPU Fermi card, but it looks like the outfit wants to make up for things by delivering a new model, although only rumors about this exist at this point. Back in March is when the GeForce GTX 590 dual-GPU graphics card from NVIDIA got officially released. Unfortunately, the fact that the AMD Radeon HD 6990, the rival dual-chip card, proved faster in benchmarks definitely had a less than fortunate effect on the sales of the Fermi one. There were also reports of something akin to explosions happening when the GTX 590 was present, although it was subsequently revealed that it was not a problem of the video card per se. Still, all in all, the GTX 590 apparently didn't perform, form a marketing standpoint, as well as some may have expected, probably owed to the fact that the issue above was not an isolated one. Turns out that the possibility of the hardware going up in flames is exactly what the Santa Clara, California-based company is aiming to fix, as a report now suggests that NVIDIA has enough of a reason to begin developing a better model. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem isn't something that can be fixed via a driver, since the hardware itself needs to be changed. That said, June will see the arrival of a revised GTX 590, one which will feature large and better inductors. It will have the -502 marking on the PCB (printed circuit board) and, since the inductor size will be increased, a different baseplate. In other words, the third party coolers that are servicing the existing GTX 590 model will probably not fit onto the new video controller. This goes especially for waterblocks, although things will only really become clear in June.