Nvidia will soon announce something that is called Optimized PC. This is Jensen's wet dream strategy that actually might stand a chance in the war against Intel. With the help of its Shaders and Cuda, Nvidia will be able to accelerate video encoding, picture editing, video editing, Photoshop and some things that were traditionally considered rendering on the CPU side. With the help of Nvidia's GPUs Nvidia should score some great results with it, and it might actually run these things faster than the faster Quad-core. It will be cool to get hold of this software and prove these claims, but we’ve heard that Nvidia actually has quite a strong argument against Intel; but we are sure Intel can reply. In the end we don’t know what the fuss is all about, as you still need a CPU; it's not that Geforce cards will ever be able to replace it, but at the same time graphics cards might just become more important than ever before.