The tame Apple press has rounded on Motorola for only managing to flog 250,000 of its Xoom tablets. Varous rags have claimed that it proved that Apple was superior in every way and that the tablet failed to live up to its hype. However 250,000 Xooms is not bad for a tablet which was even more expensive than the iPad, which was launched before it had integrated 4G or fully supported Flash. Xoom, was supposed to be the best answer to the iPad yet, and also introduce the world to Honeycomb, Android’s tablet-optimized OS. In comparison Samsung shipped more than 600,000 Galaxy Tabs in its first month and first day sales for the BlackBerry PlayBook are expected to outdo both the Galaxy Tab and the Xoom: Some analysts predict BlackBerry sold 50,000 units in one day. We don't think that Motorola will be too upset, it reported $3 billion in net revenues, 22-percent more than last year’s first quarter postings. Currently 79 per cent of the world's tablets are the iPad, but given that hardware makers keep insisting on copying Apple's model of an overpriced tablet, without the deranged fanboy base to prop it up, they are on a hiding to no where. What they should be doing is flogging tablets that do more than the iPad for half the price. This is how they managed to knock out Apple from the PC and notebook market. Sheesh, it is not rocket science.