It appears that a Chinese website managed to uncover some information on NVIDIA's upcoming dual-Fermi video card, even a photo of the PCB, complete with the two GPUs. Those mindful of such things will know of the recent rumor that said NVIDIA's dual-GPU card had been delayed. This move is assumed to be intended as a means to prevent AMD from having any chance at tweaking its Antilles should NVIDIA be the first to present its beast. Now, an even newer leak managed to provide the web with what looks like a photo of NVIDIA's creation, or at least its PCB (printed circuit board). The reference design shows it is a single-PCB board, meaning that both GPU systems are placed on the same PCB. Additionally, the many memory chips visible on it seem to point towards a total of 3 GB of GDDR5 VRAM, 1.5 GB for each GPU. Speaking of the GPU, assumptions currently revolve around a pair of GF110 chips, meaning that this adapter will basically have a pair of the same GPUs used in the GeForce GTX 580. One can also make out the presence of two PCI Express 8-pin power connectors, which basically means the chips will likely be down-clocked compared to the GTX 580, if NVIDIA doesn't plan to use the GF104 instead that is. Lowering the frequency will allow the board to limit its power use to what can be delivered by said pair of power plugs. Finally, the so-called last detail that can be made out, besides 2-way SLI support, is the presence of three DVI output connector slots. Since this is a dual-chip card, those DVI should allow the use of the 3D Vision Surround technology, which lets 3D be displayed over three monitors at the same time. There is no way of knowing what memory bus to expect, nor what core configurations the GPUs will come with. The leak in question also seems to name the adapter GTX 595 instead of 590, but nothing about availability or pricing was said.