PCCooler OC3, a company less known outside of China which specializes in developing cooling systems, has presented at this year's Computex fair an innovative CPU heatsink design that mostly works as a standard air tower cooler, but can also be converted into a liquid cooling solution. PCCooler's device is called the W120 and is fitted with five 6mm copper heatpipes that draw the heat away from the CPU and into an aluminum heatsink. The cooler can be equipped with a 120mm fan which will be attached to a black retention frame with some sort of vibration reducing technology, which should decrease the noise generated by the fan when working at high rotation speeds. Its most distinctive feature, however, can only be spotted if taking a look at the top of the heatsink as this features two fittings for connecting the PCCooler OC3 W120 to a water-cooling loop. This way, users will benefit from the power off both air and water cooling and the Chinese company states that its design can operate with processors that dissipate as much as 500W of heat. If this is indeed true, then the W120 cooler should be compatible with even the highest overclocked Intel Core i7 and AMD Phenom processors, although I would take PCCooler OC3's claims with a grain of salt. Judging by the pictures captured during the Computex event, the W120's mounting kit seems to be compatible with both AMD's AM2 and AM3 sockets as well as with a wide series of Intel processors, ranging from LGA 775 to LGA 1366 models. The PCCooler OC3 W120 wasn't officially launched yet. Furthermore, no details regarding pricing and availability have been disclosed this far, but I wouldn't get my hopes high as PCCooler OC3 products are really hard to find outside of China.