Japanese cooling expert Scythe has officially announced the availability of a new top-flow cooler that uses a unique design in order to reduce its height and make it compatible with low-profile system cases. The cooler goes by the name of Kozuti and its most distinctive feature is the newly developed S.F.M.S, Stealth Fan Mounting Structure. This is basically a fancy name for saying that the cooler's three copper heatpipes were bent in order to allow for a fan to be installed between its base and the aluminum heatsink. The fan in question measures 80mm in diameter, but is just 10mm tall and can provide up to 24.82CFM when running at its fastest speed, 3300RPM. At that rotation speed, Scythe says the cooler generates 32.5dBA of noise, but users can reduce the RPM of the PWM-controlled fan down to 800RPM, where it will produce 8.2dBA and 6.0CFM. Thanks to this innovative design, Scythe was able to manufacture one of the most compact top-flow coolers on the market, as the Kozuti measures a mere 40mm in height. In addition to being extremely low, Scythe's CPU cooler is also light, weighting in just 250g. The reduced weight allowed the Japanese company to use an E.I.S. (Easy Installation with Screw system) mount, which doesn't require a backplate to be installed. This makes the installation more simple and also improves the compatibility of the cooler with some mini-ITX motherboards which come with components placed on the back side of the PCB. The mounting system can be used with both Intel's and AMD's motherboards, including models that feature the LGA 1155, LGA 1366 or AM2+/AM3 sockets. The Scythe Kozuti cooler is shipped together with all the required mounting accessories and with a pack of thermal grease. Pricing has been set at 22.90 EUR, excluding VAT, and availability should be immediate.