Security and privacy are the utmost factors that we all consider when choosing a web browser to use. The latest versions of browsers are considered to be safe, but that does not mean that Firefox is bullet-proof and we cannot beef it up by a number of add-ons. We have gathered the 5 best add-ons that you should install for safer browsing.

The first item on the list is BetterPrivacy. It helps you fight against the so-called flash cookies, also known as Local- shared -Objects (LSO). These types of cookies are almost undeletable and they won’t be deleted even if you remove all the cookies of the web browser.

BetterPrivacy allows you to manage Flash- Cookies and deletes them from your system. It can even automatically delete LSO files at a browser startup or shutdown. This will enhance our privacy and ensure that our data is not send to ad networks.

Another interesting thing is Ghostery. It works like BetterPrivacy. It's all about providing greater anonymity on the Internet by detecting the websites that are keeping an eye on you. It provides users with a clear list of suspicious items - we can block all of them or just select a few.

Among the most popular add-ons is NoScript. It effectively blocks the sites with JavaScript content, thus protecting us from clickjacking attacks. Pages load faster, and link bandwidth limit consumes more slowly.
NoScript features a Whitelist tab. It allows us to create a white list of trusted sites. Which means it lets you run JavaScrip only from the websites that you trust. Keep in mind that some services may not function properly if you block these scripts.


Another worth noting add-on is Flashblock, which prevents you getting bogged down in unwanted Flash animations and videos. As in the case of NoScript, the RAM and bandwidth increases. Please note that some services (such as YouTube) need to run Flash.

The last suggestion is geared toward those who have had enough of social networking. ShareMeNot effectively blocks Facebook and Twitter widgets on different websites. These widgets take up a lot of space, and generate a data-trail for the companies that operate those services.

Additionally ShareMeNot protects our privacy. Some social networking sites constantly track the social sharing buttons of their registered users even if you do not click on them.