It’s always great to stumble upon concept phones with outer designs one step beyond the accepted trend, and Xperia X is one of these. Imagined by designer Abel Verdezoto (via YankoDesign), the concept has been inspired by the first generation Sony Tablet S, and comes with looks that are at least intriguing. The top of the device is curved, and is matched by a series of internal curves on the sides, most probably aimed at offering a better grip. The bottom of the phone is sharpened to the front, so as to offer a sense of simplicity, while also bringing that change that makes certain handsets stand up in the crowd. There is also the Xperia logo on the front, which works as an illuminator to notify users of messages, social updates or missed calls. Depending on the application, it will display a different color. On the back, the smartphone features a flipstand that can be easily opened to offer support for the handset, a great option when you want to put it on the table to view a video or the like. The Xperia X concept phone features a 4.6-inch touchscreen display, complemented by a powerful application processor, as anyone would expect from it. The specs list of the smartphone also includes a mini-HDMI connector, so that users could view content from the device on larger screens, along with SIM and MicroSD memory card slots, and two cameras, one on the back and a front one for making video calls. Sony’s latest Xperia smartphones came to the market with a variety of technology advancements packed inside, and this concept phone could easily take advantage of them, that’s for sure. Of course, Xperia X is only the product of an enthusiast’s imagination for the time being, but that does not mean that it could not become a real product someday. Judging by its looks, it would certainly be worth waiting for.