Using Gmail and Chrome? If so, you will be interested in extensions for Google, that will tweak Gmail to work exactly the way you wish and improve dealing with messages.

GMail - rozszerzenia dla Chrome

The Chrome Web Store provides endless collection of interesting additions to the browser that greatly extend the functionality of Google services. We had recently described Google Drive extensions, but this time we will cover Gmail-related extensions.

1. Boomerang- schedule emails for future sending or reading

Keeping your inbox clean can be a daunting task, especially when we receive a lot of messages that we need to deal with at some point in the future. Boomerang lets us thrown our emails away in order to restore them later.

Boomerang - Gmail

We can also schedule messages to be send. While creating an email, select "Send later" and then specify the time at which the message should be sent.

2. GMail Offline- use Gmail without access to the Internet.

This extension offers a modified version of GMail, which can be accessed without an internet connection. You can view synchronized messages, and create new email messages that will be scheduled and the extension will automatically send those emails to the recipients after gaining access to the Internet.

GMail Offline

All other actions taken offline will be automatically synchronized once you log into your mailbox.

3. WiseStamp- better signatures.

Signatures in Gmail’s settings are not too complex. This Chrome extension allows you to easily jazz up your Gmail signatures by adding images, social networking icons and much more.

WisteStamp - GMail

You can use ready-made templates, where you can add your own information, but you can also use an editor that lets you add and arrange everything on your own.

4. full control over attachements.

Extension linked to the service that allows you to quickly search for attachments in Gmail using keywords, organize them, view on separate pages or sync them with virtual disks in the cloud, including Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive. - GMail

We can also set rules that facilitate automatic transfer of attachments to the cloud, for example sending photos to Pictures and documents to Documents.

5. Gmelius-  remove unneccessary options from Gmail

This extension consists of a series of checkboxes you can turn off to remove Gmail features. It also allows you to remove chat, formatting from incoming emails, adding text to navigation icon and adding attachment icons to your inbox. But we can also change the color of row or add a subtitle row.


The complete list of options is much longer and allows you to adjust different parts of Gmail’s interface.