It appears that a certain Android tablet that has been only briefly showcased or spoken of in the past might have finally gotten a name now that pre-orders have reportedly become possible. It really looks like tablets are coming into their own now that even old prototypes are finally making their way to the market. Of course, said prototypes are no longer unpolished, instead being finalized products that should be ready to help their makers secure a slice of the slate segment. In this case, Toshiba is revealed to have either finished or neared the completion of the Android tablet it previewed at this year's CES (2011). This is definitely progress on the company's part, what with few, if any, details having trickled to the web since then. Apparently, the device, called “Thrive,” at least for the time being, is powered by the well-known NVIDIA Tegra 2 hardware platform. This SoC (system-on-chip) has everything up to Full HD media support and is the same piece of electronic that most Android 3.0 models of today use. One might say that Toshiba could have benefited from delivering the slate sooner, but the outfit might get off easy considering the low availability of those that supposedly already are. That said, the slate measures 10.1 inches in diagonal and has 1 GB of RAM (random access memory), plus internal storage of 8 GB to 32 GB. Of course ,WiFi connectivity is present, along with two webcams of 2 MP and 5 MP, set on the front and back, respectively. No exact availability date is given, with “coming soon” being the least vague indication. Either way, when it does, prospective buyers will have to be willing to part with $449 to $579. Most likely Computex will bring about some clarifications, so the wait for less ambiguity will, hopefully, not last too long.