While VIA might not be ready to start powering smartphones just yet, it looks like its CPU platforms have definitely been evolving, to the point where Computex might just see some dual-core and quad-core implementations. Being one of the biggest technology trade shows of the year, it stands to reason that Computex would be the proving ground for many a product. This year, VIA wants to make more than just a passing impression, so while it doesn't really compete with Intel, AMD and ARM in terms of market share, it does have a more or less stable processor business. Apparently, the fact that Windows 8 will support the ARM architecture is, in many ways, the break VIA was waiting for. “Via has been in the ARM-processor and solutions business for a long time. We have a significant footprint in China and India with our low-cost ARM netbook and ARM tablet solutions,” Richard Brown, vice president of CPU platform sales and marketing at Via Technologies, stated. “[We are] in an advantageous situation with the newly announced Microsoft Windows version that will run on both the x86 architecture and the ARM architecture.” The company is only now producing quad-core processors, meaning that it is about five years behind AMD and Intel. Still, it does have a stake in the Chinese PC and device market, even though the performance of its units aren't on par with what common users are used to. Either way, while VIA doesn't intend to make a push in the smartphone market, it does have plans to demo dual-core and quad-core processors at Computex 2011. “There will be multiple dual-core and quad-core platforms for Computex Taipei 2011 exhibition in Taiwan at the end of this month. Because Via invented the Mini-ITX and the Pico-ITX form-factors, we know how to create alternative motherboard designs for the OEMs,” said Brown. “At Computex, we will show low-power, multi-core solutions in the traditional low-end PC and traditional laptops," said Richard Brown, vice president of CPU platform sales and marketing at Via Technologies, in an interview with Bright Side of News web-site.