Here was dissapointment in Redmond last night as the latest market share figures show that Vole's Vista OS has seen a measly 2.56 per cent increase in market share over the last year. Generally Windows' overall June total was slightly down 2.45 percentage points from the year before, indicating that Vista was merely replacing XP, not adding to Microsoft's share. Apple's Mac OS X also seemed to take a healthy share of XP's demise. Its market share has increased by nearly 32 per cent. It now holds 7.94 per cent of the operating systems. A year ago, Mac OS X's usage share stood at 6.03 per cent. Linux grew by 18 per cent, and has 0.88 per cent of the online operating system market. All the gains have be achieved by carving up the corpses of XP and Windows 2000. XP dropped by a full percentage point and Windows 2000 is now found on 2.11 per cent of online operating systems.