With more and more rumored information spilling out about the Nintendo Wii 2, both Sony and Microsoft are expected to react with at least announcements about their new home console projects, but it seems that gamers might have to wait a few more years before the appearance of new hardware. One inside source that has worked with Sony and Microsoft has told Kotaku that, “Both MS and Sony are telegraphing to each other that they’re delaying, to milk the current and fill in previous craters better.” Other inside sources are claiming that Microsoft has plans for an updated version of the Xbox 360 that will be launched in 2013, making the device more powerful and will have a fully integrated Kinect motion tracking system. Apparently, the company is thinking about a possible Xbox 720, but it is still debating whether to again launch a platform that will generate losses for a few years or aim for profit from day one. Billy Pidgeon, who is analyst for M2 Research, has added, “I think we’ll see a game of chicken between Sony and Microsoft. Sony definitely isn’t launching a successor before 2014 and could stand to benefit by having Microsoft launch first as PS3 builds in to North America and builds a strong position in Europe. Microsoft claims there’s a lot more room in Xbox 360 for developers to max out, but here PS3 could have a strong advantage.” It seems that one of the biggest pressures on the hardware developers is the fact that any new device would cost a lot on launch, which is a no starter in a world that was affected by a big financial crisis and has learned to spend less on entertainment. At the moment, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft is selling better than the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii on the North American market, according to the NDP Group, and Nintendo and Sony might need to act first and announce new consoles in order to limit the advantage that Microsoft has.