If you have a third-party Xbox controller or another Xbox peripheral such as a headset, steering wheel, microphone, or just about anything else you’ve probably recently seen a big blue error "A connected accessory is not authorized" (Error 0x82d60002). This error message is an absolute killjoy and one that doesn’t have any good news attached to it. Personally, I find all of the reasons to be excuses for forcing people to buy and use official products moving forward. It’s just a cash grab…

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Microsoft's recent announcement about the upcoming policy change, which will block the use of unauthorized third-party accessories with Xbox consoles, came out of the blue and has shocked everyone in the gaming community. The change, indicated by the error message "A connected accessory is not authorized" (Error 0x82d60002), is massive and upset a lot of Xbox users. Myself included!

Not only is the change coming into effect with nearly no notice, but it’s also going to force people into money that they probably don’t have available to spend on hardware they have no real reason to replace. Once you’ve read through Microsoft’s reasons you’ll be even more annoyed.

Why is Microsoft Making this Change?

Microsoft is implementing this change to ensure a high-quality and secure gaming experience on its Xbox consoles. The company states that authorized Xbox accessories meet strict standards for performance, security, and safety. Unauthorized accessories can compromise this experience, potentially leading to issues with gameplay or even security vulnerabilities. In response to these concerns, Microsoft is taking steps to restrict the use of third-party accessories that lack the Xbox seal of approval.

This policy aims to maintain the integrity of the Xbox gaming ecosystem and ensure that Microsoft diverts all potential peripheral purchases to their products moving forward. It also forces company who wants to make products for Microsoft devices to pay a large fee to sell “Authorised” products. Which then forces all third-party products to increase prices dramatically. The consumer is ultimately losing out in every possible way.

When Will the Change Take Effect?

The policy will officially take effect on November 12, 2023. Starting from this date, Xbox consoles will no longer allow the use of unauthorized third-party accessories. Players attempting to use such accessories will receive the error message 0x82d60002, notifying them of the upcoming blockage, set to occur on 11/12/2023. At this stage, it seems to be an International same-day rollout. But time will tell.

What Can You Do About the Change

For gamers looking to continue using accessories with their Xbox consoles, there are specific things to consider

  • Check the Authorized Accessories List: Microsoft provides a list of authorized products on its website (www.xbox.com/accessories). Players are advised to refer to this list to ensure the compatibility and compliance of their accessories with the new policy.
  • Replace Unauthorized Accessories: If you receive the error message, it's recommended to replace any unauthorized accessories with authorized ones to maintain a seamless gaming experience. Microsoft and licensed Xbox hardware partners design authorized accessories to meet the required quality standards.
  • Contact the Manufacturer or Retailer: If you've purchased an unauthorized accessory, it's possible to seek a return or replacement through the manufacturer or the retailer where you made the purchase.

Are There Any Workarounds

As of now, there are no known workarounds to bypass this policy change. Microsoft is implementing this policy to restrict unauthorized accessories intentionally. It's important to note that any attempt to circumvent this policy may result in adverse consequences, including potential security risks or gameplay disruptions.