1. How to Find and Remove Stalkerware on your Computer or Mobile Devices.


    Another day. Another Security & Privacy threat. The newest addition to the ever-growing list is Stalkerware. This article will show you a few different ways you can check to see if you have been affected, how to prevent future harm and how to remove Stalkerware if it is already installed on your device.  

  2. How to Automatically Start your Web Browser in Private Mode. (Incognito Mode) For Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.


    If you are sick of having to manually open a private browsing or Incognito window on your browser, this article will show you how to change your settings so Private mode is the new default launch position. You’ll be able to make this change on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and even good old Internet Explorer.

  3. How to Fix Chrome Error: Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag.


    It doesn’t happen all too often but Google Chrome does have random error codes just like Windows.. One of the less common but highly annoying Chrome errors is: Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag. If you’re seeing this error code on your browser, you can follow the steps in this article to get things back to normal real quick.

  4. Why you should Consider using Mozilla Firefox Focus on your Android Devices.


    A few reasons why you should consider using Mozilla Firefox Focus on your Android devices. Besides being fast, clean and lightweight, its core purpose has your best interests in at heart. It’s also the perfect web browser for anyone who's Android Device is starting to get a little dated.

  5. How to Use the New Snapchat Snap Map & Correctly Configure its Privacy Settings.


    A guide showing you how to configure your Snapchat Snap Map settings to protect your Privacy and still make the most out of its cool new location sharing features.

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