1. How to Request an Uber From Your Computer (without a smartphone)


    A guide showing you how to order an Uber from your computer, no smartphone required. All you’ll need is an Internet connection and Google Chrome browser.

  2. How to Create a ‘Quick Access’ Taskbar Shortcut in Windows 10. (aka Libraries folder)


    Learn how to pin the Quick Access folder from My PC to your Windows 10 taskbar, for quick, easy access to your most used files and folders. You may also know this folder as the Libraries folder.

  3. How to Enable Windows Alt+Tab Style View in Mozilla Firefox.


    Learn how to Enable another one of Mozilla Firefox’s built-in, yet hidden features, Windows Alt+Tab style, browser tab cycling. This enhancement for the already popular Ctrl+Tab shortcut feature works in the exact same manner as Windows own Alt+Tab window view/switching option does. It's a little hard to describe with words but you'll know exactly what we mean when you see it in action.

  4. How to Create a USB Drive Taskbar Shortcut in Windows 10.


    Constantly connecting and disconnecting USB drives to your Windows 10 computer? Want an easier way to get to the contents of your favorite drive? Find out how to pin a USB drive shortcut to your taskbar.

  5. How to Enable and Use BitLocker Drive Encryption in Windows 10 (Drive password protection)


    With privacy and security breaches becoming more and more common, now is the perfect time to learn how to use Windows 10’s built in drive encryption and password protection tool.  

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