1. How to quickly and easily rename multiple files and extensions in window 7, 8 & 10


    A guide showing you how to quickly and efficiently rename multiple file names and extensions in windows 10. AVery useful method for sorting out large folders of family photos and stockpiles of holiday snaps stashed away on your computer. These methods can be used any many ways, not just image file.

  2. How to activate or deactivate the Memories option in Snapchat on Android and IOS devices.


    A quick guide to turning the new Memories feature in Snapchat “on” and “off” for both android and IOS Smartphones and Tablets. With a brief overview of the three new options available for saving snaps, videos, and stories.

  3. How to get Facebook Messenger Lite on any Android device in any country and why you might just want to convert.


    A quick guide to getting Facebook Messenger Lite installed onto your Android smartphone or tablet using the APK file. And a comparison of the huge differences between Standard Facebook Messenger and Messenger lite platforms.  

  4. How to use Facebook’s secret conversations option for encrypted messaging.


    Use facebook messengers new secret conversations app to keep your conversations, safe, private and secure. This option is currently only available on Android and IOS devices. Messenger.com and facebook’s desktop brower versions are currently not supported, knowing facebook though it will only be a matter of time before it is implemented across all of it’s services.  

  5. How to start shooting RAW on Android devices and Why it can be much more Powerful.


    This tutorial explains how to shoot in Camera .raw format on your android smartphone or tablet, and why it is such a powerful file format to use. Camera .raw files are the go to photographic file used by top professionals and weekend hobbyists alike.

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  • Laptop with Windows 8 under your Christmas tree?

    If Santa brought you a laptop this year and it's not a Mac, the odds are that it runs on Windows 8. Though your device is brand new there is still some room left for a piece of advice; should you want your machine to work as smoothly as possible, read it all very carefully.

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