1. How to download video clips from Facebook?


    Sometimes, interesting video clips appear in your Facebook News Feed. Some of them lead to YouTube, but there are also many clips uploaded directly to Facebook. Can you download them onto your hard drive, and if so, then how to do it?

  2. How to copy text from images and photos


    Copying text from images and photos is extremely easy – all you need to do is mark the part that you need and simply copy it. The matter complicates when you are dealing with text on images and photos. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

  3. How to manage extensions in Google Chrome


    When you use multiple Google Chrome extensions, you should know how to manage them efficiently. Some of them need to be temporarily disabled at times, while other may need additional information provided.

  4. How to find a given image in a higher resolution


    It happens pretty often that you find an interesting image on the Internet, but it is too small and you cannot set it as your desktop background. The image can also be placed in a Youtube movie that you cannot save. When you find a catchy song, you can find it in Google by typing some of the lyrics into the search engine. What about images? How to find a picture that you liked in a higher resolution?

  5. How to bring back old layout in Firefox 29 and newer


    Recently a stable, final version of the Firefox has been released in which Mozilla introduced a new interface called Australis. It changes the way browser look a bit, moves menu to a different location which makes the browser look a bit like Google Chrome. You do not like the Firefox 29 changes? Have no fear, you can bring the previous layout back.

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    If Santa brought you a laptop this year and it's not a Mac, the odds are that it runs on Windows 8. Though your device is brand new there is still some room left for a piece of advice; should you want your machine to work as smoothly as possible, read it all very carefully.

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