1. How to request or create your year in review video on Facebook #Yearinreview2016


    It’s the end of the year again and Facebook has released its year in review video. If you have seen them online but can’t figure out how to get yours. We’ll show you how. #yearinreview2016

  2. How to use Facebook’s Search function to its full potential


    If you are searching for people and things using Facebook’s search you might not be using it to its full potential, here we list a few tips, tricks and functions you might not already use to improve your search results

  3. Add the control panel option to the Windows context menu.


    If you find yourself constantly having to go into the windows control panel there is any easy way to bring the option directly to the right-click menu.

  4. How to delete yourself from the Internet.


    Deleting yourself completely from the internet is near impossible, however, there are a few tips tricks and things you can do to remove a good portion of your digital footprint online.

  5. How to customise your startup programs on Windows.


    If you want to add programs to your computer's start up list or remove them follow closely as we show you a few quick ways to do so. 

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