1. Why you should Consider using Mozilla Firefox Focus on your Android Devices.


    A few reasons why you should consider using Mozilla Firefox Focus on your Android devices. Besides being fast, clean and lightweight, its core purpose has your best interests in at heart. It’s also the perfect web browser for anyone who's Android Device is starting to get a little dated.

  2. How to Use the New Snapchat Snap Map & Correctly Configure its Privacy Settings.


    A guide showing you how to configure your Snapchat Snap Map settings to protect your Privacy and still make the most out of its cool new location sharing features.

  3. How to Make yourself hard to Find on Facebook.


    A few really easy steps you can take to reduce your visibility on Facebook, making you much harder to find when people are searching for you. You won’t be invisible but you won’t be as obvious as….  

  4. How to Change your Facebook Account / Profile URL.


    Not many Facebook users know this but it is possible to customize your Facebook Profile’s URL. There are many reasons you might want to try this, the most common of which is to help new friends and acquaintances find you easier, especially if you are someone with a very common name.

  5. How to Access Any & All Internet Content Blocked in your Country or by your ISP.


    If you are sick of having your Internet Freedoms blocked by your government or ISP, find out how to set up a system that will allow you to bypass any blocks affecting you. These same processes also add an extra layer of anonymity to your internet browsing. 

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