1. How to get YouTube Shorts. A TikTok alternative from Google.


    A short tutorial introducing you to the newly released YouTube Shorts TikTok alternative. If you haven’t already heard of YouTube shorts, it’s Google take on the TikTok revolution. 

  2. How to hide Tweets you’ve already seen from your Twitter feed. Hide viewed Tweets on Twitter.


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily configure Twitter to stop showing you Tweets you have already seen. A fantastic new way to stop seeing the same content over and over again on Twitter, hiding previously seen content. 

  3. How to get Facebook Campus. Registering for Facebook Campus.


    A short tutorial showing you how to sign up and register for the newly released Facebook Campus app. A brand new feature from Facebook that kind of feels like it is going back to its original roots. The typical American college campus. 

  4. How to fix Microsoft Store error ‘Something went wrong 0x8004e108’.


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily address the issue causing Microsoft Store error ‘Something went wrong 0x8004e108’ on Windows 10 devices. An annoying error that can strike at any time, however, seems to pop up straight after system updates. 

  5. How to import your Facebook contacts to Gmail. Export Facebook contacts to Gmail.


    A short tutorial showing you a clever way of importing/exporting your Facebook contact details straight into Gmail. As this process is a bit of a sneaky workaround there are a few steps in involved, however, they are quite easy. 

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