1. What to do when Windows 8 sleep doesn't work


    Sleep is a very handy option on your computer, but it is rather common that the sleep mode does not work properly. Sometimes the PC cannot acces the sleep mode at all and just proceeds to shut down. Other times the issue is that the PC fails to revive itself from the sleep mode and the only thing user can do is unplug the PC from the power supply. How to fix those various problems with Windows 8 sleep mode?

  2. How to schedule Gmail messages to be sent later


    Gmail enables you to manually send e-mail by default, but if you need your e-mails to be scheduled and sent in a certain period of time, there is an easy way to do it.

  3. How to make your compter wake from sleep automatically at a given hour


    `By using the system's task scheduler you can determine the exact moment when your computer will be woken form sleep mode. This feature enables you to control your computer power when you are out and about, and will also enable you to pefrom a certain task at a certain hour.

  4. How to integrate Google Drive with Firefox


    If you use Google Drive rather often and your web browser of choice is Firefox, you certainly could use some kind of a good integration of Google's cloud with Mozilla's browser. The solution that we will be addressing will let you easily access Google Drive by a single click of your mouse on a task bar, without even exiting a website you're currently browsing – all you need to use is Gdrive Panel extension.

  5. How to change iPhone's look without jailbreak


    How to change the way your iPhone looks without using jailbreak? Below you will find some of the most useful tips and tricks that will help you customize your smartphone's appearance.

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