1. How to Make your Photos Stand Out using Adobe Photoshop Express. (Free on the Windows App Store)


    Adobe Photoshop is the go-to program for enthusiast and professional photographers around the world. The term Photoshop has even officially been recognized as a verb. Although Photoshop has the power to turn otherwise boring images into works of art, it can be a steep learning curve for beginners, that’s why……

  2. How to Download the Official Windows 10 ISO without using the Media Creation Tool.


    There are quite a few ways to get hold of the Windows 10 ISO file on the Internet. However, most of those methods aren’t quite legal and may be a little sketchy. Luckily though you can still download the official Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft without using the Media Creation tool. The method is a little peculiar but works great, so let's get started.

  3. How to Stop Windows Installing Driver Updates Automatically when Updating Windows. (Pre and Post Creators update)


    Windows 10 is frequently being updated and with the upcoming Creators Updated there is now a new option, that allows you to prevent it from installing driver updates automatically. As the Creators update will make windows updates mandatory, meaning you can’t opt out of them this new option may become quite valuable. If you would like to find out how to do this before the big release of the Creators Update this guide will show you how to use the option.

  4. How to Listen to Artists that don’t Stream on Spotify. (Add local files to Spotify)


    Spotify has as massive library covering what might be 99% of your Music listening needs. However, it is inevitable that sometimes, you might be looking for something that isn’t included in the Spotify Library. The good news is that there is a way to get those tracks that you can’t find in Spotify into your library, so let’s find out how to do it.

  5. How to Flush your DNS and Reset your Connections. (Windows & Mac)


    If you are having any sort of internet connection issues a great place to start is by flushing out your DNS, which basically cleans the Cache of old DNS data. You might not have known this but most operating systems will automatically store IP addresses and other DNS information. Most of the time the system works without a glitch, allowing for faster speeds in specific areas. On odd occasions though bad DNS information can……

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