1. How to Fix “Profile Error Occurred” in Google Chrome.


    Google Chrome is the number one web browser on almost every device and it’s easy to see why. It’s fast, easy to use and rarely has any major problems. There is one error that is quite rare but super irritating if you start to experience it. It generally displays itself as “Profile Error Occurred” If you are unlucky enough to be experiencing this error Downloadsource have a few solutions you can try.

  2. Instagram Face Filters Don't work on my Phone! Compatible and Non-Compatible iOS & Android Devices.


    The developers at Instagram are at it again, another of Snapchats super popular features has been cloned, tweaked and implemented. Interactive selfie filters/masks which you can use in real time for pics and videos are now live on Instagram. If you are a frequent Instagram user but can’t find the new filters or they don't seem to work on your device, this guide will shed some much-needed light on the issue.

  3. How to Diagnose and Fix Computer Ram Issues.


    Ram is one of the most reliable components inside your computer. Of all the important parts inside your machine that can fail, rams seems to be the least susceptible to failure. A lot of Ram manufacturers are so confident in their product they even offer lifetime warranties. As good as it is though, it’s not Immortal. If you are suspicious of your rams performance, this guide will show you how to check for problems and fix them should they arise.

  4. How to Fix Bad Pool Header Error in Windows. (A Blue Screen of Death Error)


    You might not know this but the famous Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) isn’t just one specific error. Blue screen of death errors come in many different forms, some seem to fix themselves after time and some are painfully hard to find solutions for. This article will focus on fixing BSOD error: Bad Pool header Error in Windows 10.

  5. How to Fix Google Play Store Error: DF-DFERH-01.


    Android is a pretty stable operating system for mobile devices and is rarely affected by any major operating issues. Having said that though, even the best and most well looked after machines and programs have issues sometimes. So if you are receiving an error code that looks something similar to this: DF-DFERH-01 our guide will show the steps you need to take to get your device working properly again.   

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