1. How to boost Wi-Fi signal on Android?


    Do you lose network signal when you go to another room in your apartment? Are you unable to keep a stable connection in your apartment? Do not worry, there are methods for boosting signal strength in Android.

  2. How to downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2


    If you do not like iOS 8 or you discovered that your iPhone's or iPad's performance has dropped significantly since you updated it - it's high time you downgraded. I will show you how to easily go back from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2.

  3. How to learn who's calling you from an unknown number?


    Are there people calling you from unknown phone numbers? Are you tired of telemarketers, bank offers, invitations to meetings you're not interested in? You can easily check who's hiding under an unknown number.

  4. How to detect and remove malicious processes, services and more


    More often than not, there is malware on our computers hiding from our eyes in the form of standard processes and services, DNS entries in hosts files, as well as DLL files. You cannot always detect them using an antivirus program. How to deal with them?

  5. How to retouch a photo without Photoshop?


    High-resolution photos are, like it or not, highly detailed; however, it is not always an advantage. Sometimes, when we take high-resolution selfies, we might see that lots of skin imprefections are clearly visible in such photographs. How to hide them and have a photo retouch without using Photoshop?

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  • Laptop with Windows 8 under your Christmas tree?

    If Santa brought you a laptop this year and it's not a Mac, the odds are that it runs on Windows 8. Though your device is brand new there is still some room left for a piece of advice; should you want your machine to work as smoothly as possible, read it all very carefully.

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