1. How to View and Erase All the Information Google has Collected About You and Your Usage Over the Years.


    We all know Google likes to collect and hoard user usage data, unlike Apple users though, Google account holders have access to all the data collected. This means that as well as being able to view the data, you can also erase it. As it's not commonly advertised and the option is some what hidden, this guide will show you where to find your full Google History and how to manage or erase everything.

  2. How to Set Your WiFi Adapter to Automatically Disable When an Ethernet Cable is Connected. (Windows)


    By default, Windows will automatically select a wired ethernet connection over a wireless connection when a cable is connected to your PC. (This is done for quality and speed purposes) Although the WiFi adapter isn’t being used, it continues to run in the background, needlessly draining battery power. This guide will show you how to configure your Windows 10 computer to automatically disable your WiFi Adapter whenever a Wired connection is being used.

  3. How to Quickly Identify the Name and Information of Celebrities, Actors, and Singers You Don't Know.


    If you have ever found yourself stuck trying to find out the name of an actor or singer from your new favorite tv show or song, we can help. All you will need is an image of the person in question and an Android smartphone. With these two things, you’ll be able to identify actors, celebrities, and other famous people, as well as find detailed information about their careers and back-story.  

  4. How to Request an Uber From Your Computer (without a smartphone)


    A guide showing you how to order an Uber from your computer, no smartphone required. All you’ll need is an Internet connection and Google Chrome browser.

  5. How to Create a ‘Quick Access’ Taskbar Shortcut in Windows 10. (aka Libraries folder)


    Learn how to pin the Quick Access folder from My PC to your Windows 10 taskbar, for quick, easy access to your most used files and folders. You may also know this folder as the Libraries folder.

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