1. How to Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for the Windows 10 Game Bar.


    Windows 10 Game DVR is a new feature that allows you to record your gameplay in the background. It was originally featured in the Xbox app and has now been ported over and into the Creator's update. As well as Game DVR, Windows Creators has a new featured called the Game Bar, which allows you to control the DVR recording component whilst playing games. Some of the shortcuts that are preset for the game bar are a little clumsy so if you are trying to figure out how to customize them this guide will show you how.   

  2. How and Why you Might Want to Disable Game DVR & Game Bar In Windows 10.


    If you have recently upgraded to the Windows 10 creators update you will notice a few new features have been added for the gamers out there. Game DVR and the Game Bar. Both are pretty good features in their own right, however, if your system isn’t top notch or you’d rather be running your games at their full potential you might want to turn them both off. This is why.

  3. How to Speed Up Windows by Disabling and Removing HomeGroup.


    It’s all about speed and efficiency when working with computers, especially on Windows 10, which is notorious for hogging resources. If you have recently updated to the Creators Update you have probably noticed a substantial improvement in overall system performance. Besides updating to Creators, there are many other ways to get a speed boost. A sometimes overlooked option you can try is disabling/removing the HomeGroup, especially if you aren’t even using it.

  4. How to Enable the New Official YouTube “Dark Mode” Theme on Chrome & Firefox


    Dark mode for Youtube isn’t really anything original, users have been able to enable custom themes for websites for ages, using an extension called ‘Stylish’. Now though Google are implementing their own Dark Theme as well is plenty of other small design tweaks to make using Youtube even better. If you want to get in on the new changes and streamlining early, this guide will show you how.

  5. How to Use the Microsoft Authenticator to Sign In to your Accounts, Password-Free, From your Phone.


    It has taken quite some time for Microsoft to finally roll all its services into one app. From now on anyone using a Microsoft account such as Skype, Outlook, Hotmail etc will have the option to sign in without a password, by using the official Microsoft Authenticator, adding an extra layer of protection. If in the past you have been using a third-party authenticator or Google authenticator and wish to swap services this guide will show you how to setup and use the new service.

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