Free Sound Recorder Download

Free Sound Recorder is a software for recording sound, streaming audio and music, and all audio devices that runs on your PC. The only problem is that  Free Sound Recorder supports only a limited number of output formats, namely MP3, WAV or WMA. Even though it should be enough for not demanding users.

The Free Sound Recorder brings some basic and easy to use tools for cutting and pasting clips. At first blush, Free Sound Recorder's interface looks similar to a media player, and it is one in a way. Under the Options tab you can find a tabbed dialog box where you can select the file format. Among the best options in Free Sound Recorder is Automatic Gain Control. It lets users control the High Level, Low Level, and Attack Time of recordings when the sound is too loud, or too soft. In addition, it brings to the table scheduling, support for hot keys and other amazing extras.

 Free Sound Recorder is a strong competitor in quality, functionality, and ease of use over the built-in Windows tool. If will record whatever your sound card is able to process.