WinToFlash Download

WinToFlash is a small program that allows you to copy Windows OS to a USB flash memory. After you have configured a USB drive with a system copy on it, you can run your system directly from the stick and work on it normally, editing documents, launching applications, managing and moving data, etc.

If you have to run the system on a device that has no disc tray or its tray doesn't work properly.

WinToFlash is a perfect solution.

WinToFlash comes in handy for those who often use different computers, yet like to have their individually configured copy of Windows with them at all times on all devices.

In the newest release of the program, you can find a number of basic operations, such as tools for copying Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Along with such rudimentary features, the program allows you to clear your USB memory, create rescue copies of the system, choose between various skins, etc.

The interface of the program is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and there is also an operations creator to guide even beginning users through the whole process of copying the system. All in all, this program is a must-have for all Windows users who are quite mobile and moving between different devices regularly.