Simple Video Converter Download

Watching videos on mobile and other multimedia devices  is enjoyable experience but the most exhausting and complicated procedure is video conversion. The software market is overwhelmed with tons of media converters. But in case you are looking for lightweight and simple video conversion tool, there are  quite a few alternatives. Simple Video Converter is a free converter that can easily change the format of video files.

As it is a portable tool, there is no need to install it. Which means that you can move it to any removable device such as USB flash drive and start using it on any computer.

Simple Video Converter brings a user-friendly and stylish design where you can import clips via the file browser. The whole conversion process is pretty simple to perform. Simply, browse to add file, choose desired format and destination folder, select the settings and click the ‘Start’ button. The application also allows you to monitor the process. You can check the status of the procedure, actual percentage and size. If you change your mind, you can stop the conversion process at any time, as well as delete unfinished files or remove them from the list.

In addition to its basic task, Simple Video Converter is able to clip, edit, and merge videos. One of its most useful add-ons is Nvidia CUDA graphics technology.

To conclude, Simple Video Converter is a nice software for video conversion that packs all the functions within a user-friendly interface. It is recommended for those who save tons of video and need to convert them to play on their mobiles or other multimedia devices.