XviD Video Codec Download

When you first install older Windows operating systems numerous video files cannot be played due to a lack of codecs. XviD Video Codec is a package of universal codecs, created to support XviD format. The newest release of the package supports also DivX, 3IVX and MPEG-4 format files. These codecs work with each and every video file as long as they are installed on your hard drive. Furthermore, these package allows yo compress video files to enable faster streaming transmission, or simply to save you some storage space by removing superfluent information on chosen files.

XviD Video Codec allows you to keep the quality of the files you play at the best level possible and they are highly compatible with all formats they support. Finally, it is worth mentioning that they work according to GNU GPL licence, so due to their open-source structure, they are regularly improved by the users who mend the program very often, making it even better.