KeyLemon Download

Have you ever dreamed of logging into your computer Mission Impossible-style? With KeyLemon you can log into your computer using a device for recognizing faces, which proves quite practical. All you need to do is to plug in a web camera and the program will automatically start saving your face during the configuration process.

Later, after you have accepted the save, the application creates a profile for you and since then you do not have to type in your password manually - the web camera will find and recognize your face when you come close to the computer. Furthermore, when you go far from the computer for some time you can set the program to log out the PC - and you can also create new profiles for other users.

There is an interesting additional feature to the program, namely the registry for your face's evolution. Some days you may just look a bit older as we are all getting older day by day, or you may change your haircut. The program has an option for automatically saving your face each day and making adjustments to your virtual identity. This way video clips are created which may show you how you change with time. You can edit them, as well as save on your hard drive or send to your friends. The program has also plug-ins for social netwroking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, along with a plug-in in Firefox. This way you can log into your accounts on these social networking sites by smiling at the web camera.