Tłumacz Google Download

Google Translator is seen as one of the most often used Web applications when a quick free translation tool is urgently needed. The whole service has a maximally minimalistic interface that consists of a window for pasting your text along with a text field that displays translated text.

Google Translator supports more than 70 languages, including those using alphabets and characters' systems other then latin. In Google Translator you can automatically detect the language of the text. Alternatively you can pick up a language manually with the lists that display in the upper edge of the screen.

You can insert text not only by typing it in, but also you can give an address of an Internet website, upload a file from your hard drive, or record your voice (keep in mind, however, that the latter feature works sometimes better, but sometimes worse).

On the right you can see the effects of Translator's work. Remember than mechanical translations usually contains numerous mistakes, so Google's service cannot be the only tool you can use when creating a French or Chinese version of a document. You can either read or listen to the translation.