QuickTime Download

QuickTime player, created by Apple 10 years ago still remains one of the best applications for browsing digital media. Working with many formats and covering different aspects of media watching, QuickTime allows streaming movie trailers online or creating your own videos.

Its simply clever, elegant and intuitive interface that is second to none features numerous options to let you gain access to media even better and faster.

The program automatically analyses the connection's traffic so it provides you with the best watching experience without having to worry about “stammering” of a movie or tediously long loading.

QuickTime comes in free and paid version. While the first one easily works with popular audio, video and graphic formats, the latter adds features such as easy editing, full-screen playback, H.264/MPEG-4 production and the ability to save movies from the Web. Thanks to the auto update and automatic-network-detection features, it is remarkably easier to make the application up-to-date.

All in all, QuickTime is an instant solution for those looking for a program that provides its user with both stylish layout and great functionality.