#1 CD Ripper Download

1 CD Ripper can convert audio files directly from CDs to files in excellent quality WAV format, the popular MP3 format and even to WMA and Ogg Vorbis files formats without the need of creating additional unnecessary files.

1 CD Ripper supports CDDB (compact disc data base), so we can connect to the CDDB and get information about the songs that are posted on our CD. As a result, we do not need to change the author, title or genre in every song manually, everything will be changed automatically, and all information in the case of MP3 and OGG files will be written to ID3 tags.

1 CD Ripper has also a built-in CD player that allows you to listen to a CD before its conversion.

Main features of the #1 CD Ripper program:

  • support for most popular audio formats: MP3, WMA 8, WAV, Ogg
  • direct and fast conversion without creating unnecessary temporary files
  • able to connect to the CDDB database to retrieve information about the songs on the disc
  • support for ID3 signs, such information may be written into the MP3 or Ogg file and then can be displayed by your MP3 player.
  • support for multiple CD-ROM drives
  • built-in CD player
  • ability to export Winamp playlists

    System requirements:
  • ASPI driver for Win32 Manager (version 4.71 recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Intel Pentium 150MHz or faster
  • at least 64MB RAM