FreeRIP Download

FreeRIP is a powerful ripping tool which allows you not to extract and convert CD audio tracks. The shining part is the bunch of features for enhancing the whole ripping process. It's easy to handle even for the first time users. FreeRIP provides a multi-language support and a compilation of useful tutorials and FAQs. The application also supports various popular formats, such as FLAC, Ogg, Vorbis, WMA, and WAV. Of course, FreeRIP comes with an audio player, so you can play your files before you convert them.

FreeRIP's nice-looking interface is well-organized into three main tabs: the Ripper, Converter, and Tagger. Through the colorful toolbar users can directly accesses all necessary functions such as prioritization. The main window offers many data fields for tracks and albums. Along with information about the files (length, type and so on) FreeRIP displays a list of available tracks. Users are allowed to choose the songs to be converted and edit their tags, add the artist name, title, year etc.

What’s more,  FreeRIP features a tool for  multi-track ripping, which can rip several tracks to a single file. The ripping process is quite fast and stable.

All things considered, FreeRIP is a reliable piece of software that comes for free but provides a nicely designed interface to satisfy both novice and more powerful users.