WavePad Sound Editor Download

Almost every day we encounter audio either on TV or radio, and almost everybody knows that audio we constantly hear all day is mastered with the help of specialized software. But rather a few people actually know that nowadays anyone can materialize its audio ideas with the use of dedicated tools.

WavePad is a powerful audio editor which is specifically developed to make small audio adjustments, as well as make mixes or digitize vinyl. Wave Editor includes all wide range of effects such as amplifier, normalizer, compressor, equalizer, multiple chain effect along with some basic options to reverse, fade, speed, cleanup, and voice. It's a compact yet powerful and flexible tool for analyzing and editing of almost all kinds of digital audio files.

WavePad comes with an intuitive and well-structured interface with no complex menus or tabs that might confuse users. The interface resembles the look of a media player with a spectral display, time indicators, and specialized controls for manipulating the audio signal. On the left side users can find a few links to video tutorials if they want to learn more about WavePad, and shortcuts to the most important functions of the software.

Even though it is packed with lots of features, it can be handled by everyday users, as well as small production studios. WavePad comes bundled with a impressive list of processing tools and effects to carry some basic audio mastering tasks. WavePad also features some extra functions including a tone generator, batch converter, and text-to-speech tool, voice recording and CD burning.

There is no need to linger on the installation process as it can be accomplished within a few seconds. WavePad provides support for all widely used audio formats, so working with a particular one shouldn't cause any problems. Also worth noting is the fact that it allows users to analyze sound frequencies, record from audio inputs, import and edit sound files. In addition, you can add fades, split and merge tracks, and much more.

All in all, WavePad is a powerful and lightweight program that worksintuitively with a wholesome processing speed.