MP3Bee CD Burning Tool Download

The MP3Bee CD Burning Tool, is a software package that allows you to create custom Audio CD's from your WAV and MP3 files. No need to convert your MP3 files back to WAV files anymore. This program can do this automatically for you. Your CD's will be burned in high quality audio and can be played back in standalone CD players like: Portable CD players, DVD players, Car CD players and Home Stereo.

The creation of a CD is easy, it can be divided in 2 steps. The first step is the selection of the songs you want to put on your cd. This step can be handled easily thanks to the Windows Explorer-style (drag 'n drop) interface. To make a selection of songs easier, we built in an Audio player. The second step is starting the burning process... After, you will be able to listen to a high quality homemade Audio CD! Version 3 comes with a CD cover designer and more.