Expreview.com managed to get their hands on a leaked retail partner's document that shows the full specification for three upcoming Vishera FX-Series CPUs from AMD. As detailed earlier, the new FX-Series Vishera CPUs will be based on the Piledriver architecture and will include one octa-, one hexa- and one quad-core for starters. The flagship is the FX-8350 octa-core CPU that features 8MB of L3 cache, will work at 4GHz base and 4.2GHz Turbo clock and have a 125W TDP. The FX-6300 and the FX-4320 have a slightly lower 95W TDP and have six and four CPU cores. The FX-6300 hexa-core, has 6MB of L3 cache and works at 3.5GHz base and 4.1GHz Turbo clock while the quad-core FX-4320 has 4MB of L3 cache and works at 4GHz base and 4.2GHz Turbo clocks. The leaked document also shows and confirms clocks for some of the new FM2 A-series APUs, including A10-5700, A8-5500, A6-5400, A6-5300.