Another bug in the newest release of iOS turns out to be potentially very dangerous for iPhone owners; Apple promises to fix the problems as soon as it's possible.

The issues with iOS 6.1 are more serious than it was previously thought. While some of the users were fretting over the phones overheating and problems with 3G connection, fairly worse problems emerged.

While a Lockscreen code used to be a top one security solution, now users can simply bypass it by a straightforward sequence of buttons. A film on Youtube appeared that presents how to gain access to menu features such as the Phone app, Contact, voicemail and pictures.

There was a similar bug in iOS 4.1 release which was later fixed by an update; it is therefore quite a shame that Apple hasn't learned its lesson then. Though the company promised to “deliver a fix in a future software update”, they gave no further information on a precise date of an update.

It seems like a bad season for mobile updates, doesn't it?