A Chatbot is a technology that allows users to have a conversation with a computer program, commonly within a messaging application such as Facebook Messenger, Slack or telegram.

These bots work similarly to Siri or Cortana, where the Chatbot recognizes what we are asking for and performs actions based on messages received.

But chabots are not only available as virtual assistants. They can also be implemented to help companies automate sales and support tasks.

The use of an enterprise chatbot platform cuts costs, and increases the profitability and quality of interactions with clients.

Chatbots are a clear example of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly introduced into our daily lives and how companies of all verticals can benefit from it.

The main advantages that come with chatbots are lower costs in hiring staff, improving communication with customers and increasing business profitability.

What are the benefits of using an enterprise chatbot?

Some of the benefits of chatbots for businesses are:

Customer Service

Chatbots make it very easy for customers to interact with them as they would with the company's human representatives.

However, they are cheaper and don't need to sleep. Chatbots can also give recommendations to users based on a range of data collected from simple queries and previous interactions.

Even small businesses that have customer service can benefit from them. They can create chatbots to handle common service procedures to save time and money.

Chatbots offer a one-stop platform

Chatbots do not only mimic human conversation by answering customer questions, but also have the ability to work across multiple applications with a single interface.

All user have to do is ask the chatbot something and it will be able to query databases, load scripts, and media.


Smart chatbots make the sales process much simpler

In addition to providing the necessary information, chatbots also have a significant impact on sales. The best chatbots automate the entire sales procedure, simplifying it from beginning to end.

A business can use a chatbot to simplify sales for both the customer and the business, by generating leads, qualifying potential customer and offering additional products, which in the long run saves time and money.


Chatbots increase customer engagement

Since the day that Facebook unlocked the doors of its Messenger platform, the use of chatbots has increased considerably among businesses within its services. Not only does it help improve customer service, it also increases sales.

Although businesses can use a well-designed chatbot to attract new users to their commercial social media accounts, the biggest benefit of setting up a chatbot on a business website is that you can get new leads. Sometimes it is as easy as installing a wordpress plugin.

As potential customers share their phone numbers and emails with the website, a sales team can pick up on those leads to finish the purchase.

Chatbots help optimize the payment system

The most recent benefits of chatbots functions are that they allow customers to pay for their purchases immediately and without leaving the chat interface.

Chatbots can create payment links and even perform in-chat purchases, depending on the platform they are on.


Chatbots deal with customer inquiries effectively

Possibly, the main benefit of using a business chatbot is that it can address customer questions in a effective and efficient way, and if the customer is still not satisfied with the answer, they can be transferred to a human representative from the company.

However, a chatbot equipped with frequently asked questions is usually skilled at providing satisfactory answers to customer questions, especially in fields where specific words and contexts are used.

Although chatbots are still a novel technology, incorporating them into your business can give you an advantage over your competitors and open the doors to automate the process of sales and support.