The first version of Chrome that uses Blink engine has been finally released! Let's take a look how surfing in the Internet has changed due to changes introduced by Google's engineurs. There is also a couple of other modifications to Chrome 28.

The most important change to Chrome 28 is the introduction of a new engine - Blink - a WebKit's fork. WebKit was the number one engine for many browsers, not only Google's. Now Mountain View engineers claim that this way the websites will be loaded much quicker, however, the opponents say that it was all about taking absolute control over the engine.

A couple of interesting changes regarding safety has been introduced in the No. 28 version, such as support for built-in Flash Player. Interestingly, Google has also added more advanced notifications in this release. You can install the browser from our website (you can find it in the Web browsers category) and test it on your own. If new Chrome 28 is not enough you can also download a test beta version of the next version that Google is currently working on.