Evercool has just announced that its has updated its Transformer product range with the addition of the new Transformer 3 processor cooler, which the company says it “focuses on the aesthetics of heat dispersion and on comfortable use.” The cooler itself is formed from a pretty standard tower heatsink, with three V-shaped copper heatpipes that are designed to draw the heat away from the CPU and into a large aluminum fin array, and a 120mm fan. Like most other fans used for today's coolers, this one also is PWM controlled and its speed varies between 800 and 2200 RPM, depending on the CPU temperature. According to Evercool, its noise level should never go above 35dBA, while, at the minimum rotation speed supported, this generates only 15dBA of noise, making it virtually inaudible. To further decrease the operational noise of the Transformer 3, the cooler sports a specially designed shock absorption “rubber nail,” which keeps the fan from vibrating and causing noise. Performance freaks should be glad to know that Evercool's latest creation can be fitted with a secondary 120mm to create a push-pull configuration. It should also be noted that the three V-shaped heatpipes use a direct contact design. This means that they are in direct contact with the processor's heatspreader in order to speed up the heat transfer between the CPU and the heatsink. Outside of the 120mm silver fan, the Transformer 3 is also shipped together with a tube of thermal grease and with the required AMD and Intel CPU mounting clips. These are compatible with all of Intel's LGA 775, LGA 1155/1156 and LGA 1366 sockets as well as with AMD's AM2, AM3, AM3+ and FM1 processor mounts. No official information regarding pricing was revealed by the company, but this should retail for around $28 USD.