Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives. From virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars, AI is transforming how we work and live. One emerging use of AI is in generating text, images, and other content through AI models like ChatGPT. More and more individuals and businesses are discovering they can make money by selling access to custom AI prompts. If you’re thinking about selling your own AI prompts, here’s what you need to know to get started.

What are AI Prompts?

AI prompts are text inputs provided to an AI system to get it to generate a desired output. Prompts "prompt" the AI to produce a certain kind of text, image, or other content. A prompt encodes instructions for the AI in natural language to tell it what kind of output you want it to generate. Prompts are usually short phrases or sentences, but can be longer passages describing in detail the desired output. Effective prompts require carefully choosing words and phrases to steer the AI in the right direction. Nowadays, there are actively growing sites offering chatgpt prompts list, great bases with prompts of Midjourney and for other popular AI platforms.

For example, a prompt like “Write a funny thank you note from a sloth to his best friend turtle” would generate a different output than “Write a five paragraph essay analyzing the themes of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.” Prompts require experimenting to discover the phrasing produces the best results.

Why Sell AI Prompts?

Many businesses and entrepreneurs have started selling access to custom AI prompts because of the high demand. Prompts save people time by automating content creation. They also allow generating specialized content like sales copy or research reports that require human expertise. Some examples of popular AI prompts people sell include:

  • Marketing and advertising prompts (social media posts, ad copy, newsletters)
  • Research and analysis prompts (generate reports, executive briefings)
  • Creative writing prompts (stories, poems, greeting cards)
  • Business writing prompts (cover letters, LinkedIn messages, emails)
  • Selling prompts appeals to both individual consumers and companies looking to leverage AI.

How to Make Money Selling Prompts

There are several options for monetizing and selling your prompt collection. Here are some of the most popular strategies:

Subscription Services

One approach is offering access to prompts via a subscription-based membership site. This gives buyers ongoing access to a expanding library of prompts for a monthly or annual fee. You can host and deliver prompts through a website or app.
This model benefits from recurring, predictable revenue. You’ll need to continuously create new prompts and add value to justify the ongoing subscription cost.

Packaged Prompt Collections

Another option is creating themed prompt collections or packs around specific topics like marketing, fitness, productivity, etc. These are marketed as one-time purchases through a site like Gumroad or online marketplaces.
The benefit is you create the packs once and can re-sell them many times over. This scales well as you expand your prompt inventory across niches. You may still want to occasionally update collections.

Individual Custom Prompts

Some prompt creators sell access to prompts individually. This is common on sites like Fiverr where you list gigs for custom prompts at fixed prices. Buyers purchase a single prompt for a specific need.

This can be more work scaling up but allows selling very specialized prompts. It’s also possible to offer both individual prompt sales and subscriptions/bundles.

Partnerships and White Label

There’s also potential partnering with brands and companies to integrate and license your prompts. For example, an online course creator could license prompts to generate content for their training.

You can also offer a white label version of your prompts, allowing other businesses to brand and market the prompts as their own. This scales distribution through partnerships while monetizing your core content.

What Makes Prompts Valuable?

For buyers, the value comes from the time and effort saved through AI generated content. High-quality prompts can spin up custom text, designs, and other files instantly on demand. The value also depends on the specialization and uniqueness of the prompt. Generic prompts have some utility but targeted prompts customers can’t just find anywhere have more value.

Some factors that make prompts more useful and marketable:

  • Relevant to specific interests, needs, and industries
  • Generates high-quality, human sounding content and designs
  • Uniquely customized and optimized for an intended use case
  • Easy to use and modify with clear instructions
  • Produces varied, unique outputs to avoid duplication
  • Saves time compared to creating content manually

Getting Started Selling Prompts

If you want to start selling your own AI prompts, here are a few tips:

  • Research demand and trends to identify profitable niches
  • Master prompt engineering principles to craft effective prompts
  • Start testing prompts with a free AI tool like ChatGPT to validate quality
  • Consider a niche like marketing or creative writing where AI can provide value
  • Set up a sales platform like Gumroad and do product packaging
  • Promote your prompts and do outreach to ideal customers
  • Continuously add to your collection of prompts over time

Selling AI prompts leverages the work of training prompt engineering and extracting value from AI. For the right prompts, customers are willing to pay for the time savings and unique content generated. With a strategic approach, selling AI prompts can become a viable business or income stream.