After years in the making, Duke Nukem is finally getting ready to return to our computer screens and, in order to celebrate this moment, EVGA will release a special edition GTX 560 graphics card that will come bundled with a full version of the game and all sort of other goodies. The GTX 560 fits well with the Duke Nukem Forever system requirements and was specially designed to allow gaming at today's most popular resolution, 1920x1080. The card is based on the same core as the GTX 560 Ti version, but a series of shaders have been disabled in order to decrease its production costs, so it ended up featuring 336 stream processors, 56 texture units and 32 ROP units, just as the GTX 460 1GB is meant to replace. However, Nvidia's latest GPU did receive improved operating clocks, in comparison with its predecessors, and the GPU now runs at 810MHz, while the video buffer is run at 1001Mhz (4004MHz data rate). As far as EVGA's Duke Edition graphics card is concerned, this sticks with Nvidia's default clock speeds and is paired together with 1GB of video memory. The cooling solution employed is also pretty basic, but this has been fitted with a Duke-styled sticker to make it more appealing. Things only get interesting when we take a look at the bundle EVGA ships together with the card as this is comprised of a Duke Nukem Forever PC DVD, a History, Legacy and Legend of Duke Nukem Forever art book, a limited edition DNF mouse pad and a custom Duke Nukem "Radioactive" belt buckle. The EVGA GeForce GTX 560 - Duke's Fully Loaded Package is available right now for pre-order from EVGA's website and is priced at $244.99. EVGA doesn't say when it starts shipping the card. Duke Nukem Forever will be released on June 10 in Europe, Japan and Australia, and on June 14 in North America.