Facebook's experiment on search is supposed to change the social-networking experience. For Zuckerberg it's a tool of a paramount importance, coined by him as a “third pillar”.

While once you could only find certain people, profile, fan pages by using keywords Graph Search has more in common with Google than with a typical website searching engine. Now it would be possible to find theatres, clubs or pubs by using a pre-made query. The results we get depend on the information our friends shared on their Timelines, pages they like, places they have been to, and so on. Most importantly, the results would be absolutely unique for each person at the given time.

It is clear that while some people are bound to embrace the idea of seemingly endless opportunities behind the engine, for the others it may be simply too much. However, exactly the same thing took place when Timeline was introduced, and yet it is now next to impossible to imagine Facebook without this feature.

Graph Search is now available only in beta version for limited audiences but you can still sign up for the waiting list.

What is your opinion on this new feature? Have you already tried it? Share your experiences in the comments below.