Developer Turn 10 and Microsoft have started to prime the E3 news machine already with big news regarding the release of Forza 4 later this year. As we have already told you, while Forza 4 will offer some Kinect support, it isn’t mandatory; so those who don’t want to use it will not have to use it. While some may say this is the best news of all, the bigger news might be that Forza 4 will support a Forza 3 profile import. Now what will you get with the Forza 3 profile import, you might ask? Well, based on your player level and the number of cars that you have in your garage in Forza 3, Forza 4 will automatically award you gift cards that will be added to you Forza 4 garage. In addition, based on your player level, skill, and credits, Forza 4 will also award Forza 3 players with additional bonus gifts and credits to start out with. So, all of the work that you did in Forza 3 will not go to waste when you start playing Forza 4! It is confirmed that there will be a Limited Collector’s Edition of Forza 4, but no details were released as to what it will include; instead, you will have wait until they are closer to release for all of the perks that you will get with the Limited Collector’s Edition of Forza 4 to be announced. We suspect, however, from what our sources tell us that the package could be very similar to what we saw with the Limited Edition release of Forza 3. One of the most interesting announcements is that a special car pack will be included in the first production run of Forza 4; it will include some additional cars that will not be available in copies of the game later down the road. (It is almost a given that these cars will also be in the Forza 4 Limited Collector’s Edition.) These special cars include the Ford Mustang GT Coupe 1965, Koengsegg Agera 2011, Lexus SC300 1997, RUF RGT-8 2011, and the Tesla Roadster Sport 2011. It has also been announced that the cover car for Forza 4 will be the Ferrari 458 Italia. This is a very good choice. More Forza 4 details are to come at E3 during the Microsoft Press Conference on June 6th.