CD Projekt Red, the developer of the recent The Witcher 2 title, has confirmed that Xbox 360 owners can get a very special Dark Edition of the game in April, which is filled with real life bonus items. The Witcher 2 amazed millions of PC owners last year with its solid role playing mechanics and epic adventures that starred its protagonist, Geralt of Rivia. Now, the game is getting ready for its release on the Xbox 360 on April 17, in the form of an Enhanced Edition, which is also going to appear on the PC at that same time. For those that want their Witcher 2 experience to be even greater, CD Projekt Red has revealed the Dark Edition of the game that acts as a sort of Collector’s Edition, which comes with a variety of goodies for true fans of the franchise. The Witcher 2 Dark Edition includes the game on two DVDs, a CD with the soundtrack, and a Making Of DVD. There’s also a quest handbook, a game manual, as well as a world map. Last but not least, true fans will be able to enjoy three stickers, a wolf’s head metal medallion and chain, not to mention an impressive artbook. All of these things are packed into an elegant Dark Edition box. The Dark Edition is currently available for pre-order at a variety of retailers from all around the world, with some even offering extra pre-order incentives, including Xbox 360 avatars modeled after Geralt or Triss, a wolf’s head keychain, a wolf’s head T-shirt in either white or black, or a special comic book.