If you are a massive fan of the Witcher franchise and loved all the games and TV show, there’s a good chance you’ll want to relive all the magic of the Witcher 3 in updated 4k bliss. After years of work there’s now a brand new 4k optimised Witcher 3 texture mod that improves just about every texture in the game.


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Even after so many years the Witcher 3 is still one of the most played and most talked-about games on the market. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re missing out on one of the best stories and games ever made. After more than 5 years the Witcher 3’s story, gameplay and graphics have held up very well though there is always room for improvement! At least from a visual point of view.

After years and years in the making, HalkHogan from Nexus Mods has finally released the Witcher 3 Reworked mod, which looks absolutely amazing! This new mod replaces just about every single texture in the PC version of the game (sorry console players) Grass, rocks, buildings, snow, water, tree, etc. Everything has been upgraded to new highly detailed 4K textures. 4k isn’t new to the Witcher 3, but the texture overhaul is everything you’ve hoped for.

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The Witcher 3 in-game 4k graphics visual texture overhaul mod. HalkHogan’s Witcher 3 Reworked mod.

Mods for the Witcher has been around for a long time and there are quite a few good ones to choose from, especially if you like character mods. However visual mods of this calibre are far and few between especially in games of this size. Below is an example of the Witcher 3’s standard textures vs HalkHogan’s Visual overhaul mod.

The best part about this mod is that it doesn’t absolutely smash your overall game performance. For the average user, you’ll probably see a 5FPS difference. Something that is pretty much negligent if you are using a next-gen 20xx series NVidia GPU. If you still aren’t convinced by the quality of the games entire visual overhaul, I suggest you check out the following YouTube video. If that doesn’t convince you, you weren’t truly a Witcher 3 fan anyway….

If we’ve peaked your interesting and inspired you to download the Witcher 3 again to relive the absolutely amazing story, you can find the link to the Witcher 3 Reworked mod here. Rather than spend another thirty minutes typing out all the installation instructions for the mod, just spend a little time following all of the steps provided on the download page. They are very detailed, straight to the point and will get you up and running in no time.

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