By all means, Gmail is one of the most popular and well rounded email services. Despite the enormity of the handy features and options in this service, there are a few extra add-ons out there that can make the email experience even better.

The vast majority of messages we send via e-mail have various attachments, whether in the form of text documents or even photos.  However, when it comes to managing attachments with Gmail, it is too complex and limited mainly to downloading and displaying the file. It is therefore worth noting to extend the possibilities of Gmail with a few small additions, mostly for Chrome. 

This service lets users save their attachments to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, while making it possible to attach files straightly in their Gmail inbox from these services. With the use of this function, one can easily attach files directly from the cloud and mange them, as well as save files straightway to the cloud.


Gmail Attachments To Drive

Another handy way for getting more prodctivity with your Gmail account is Gmail Attachments To Drive. It is an easy to use extension for Chrome, which lets users save attachments directly from email account to cloud-based accounts. This extension will be particularly useful for those who use this function to work in the cloud, as it lets users easily transfer files from email to the cloud, without a need to download them to the computer first.


Cloudy for Gmail

This extension acts like a link between the cloud and your Gmail attachments. It provides users with quick access to all attachments  from various cloud-based services as well as other services such as Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, or  Flickr. With the click of a button, it downloads the file from the cloud, and then attaches it to your email. All this happens without the use of our computer.


Batch Reply for Gmail

It is an  extremely simple yet effective extension for Gmail. This useful extension adds a new button called’Reply’, which gives users an easy way to send replies all in one go. Just select the addresses you want to send emails to, and press the button mentioned above. Due to this, they will be added to the list of recipients of the new e-mail.